Mortal Virtuousness in Epidemic Times 


 Mortal Virtuousness in Epidemic Times Human society hinges on value system for its food. That's the reason why morals are established as rights and duties for the society to serve without which there will be chaos leading to decomposition and possible obliteration of humanity. The laws of Nature bring stopgap for hereafter and we plan for ourselves and our coming generations to live in a future. Utmost of mortal institutions are grounded on this stopgap. But there are times in mortal history when the stopgap is shaken and the future seems uncertain. Similar times are testing times for mortal value systems and societal morals. Covid 19 epidemic is one similar time affecting nearly the entire world. It has shaken the foundations of experimental models of the cultivated world. On the one hand there are heroic sweats going on to overcome the challenges thrown by the contagious complaint and on the other; there's a certain query about everything. Empirical questions are being raised like people talking about life changes, new world order, new normal etc. 

I would like to partake my reflections on mortal geste during the last couple of months where adaptability of mortal spirit has set new exemplifications and at the same time the fault lines in civil society are also visible. My work sphere gives me a better perspective to speak on the issues of academy education although I'm not unconscious of the developments in other sectors nor do I intend to take down credit from any other sector which I truly believe are doing a great service in these delicate times. But that doesn't stop me from appreciating and cheering the sweats of preceptors and seminaries with whom I've got the immediate experience. 


 One must realize that none of the seminaries or preceptors were trained or prepared for distance mode of education when in the middle of the most significant period in a academy session, the lockdown was declared. Examinations, evaluation, affect medication, up gradation to coming classes, staff reclamation and exposures, new time tables and pedagogical planning, everything came to a unforeseen stage still. But did it come to a halt really? Overnight an altogether new system of distance mode of tutoring/ literacy was put in place. The logistics of educational planning and technological support are pivotal in this new home but the more critical part has been the schoolteacher. Educate from home needed content creation, resource operation, technology adaption, time operation, IT communication chops putting their home bias to professional service use. They took the challenge and delivered beyond all prospects. It's creditable that during the last two months a regulare-learning program has engaged millions of scholars sitting at home by preceptors and seminaries so that these scholars don't lag before in their academics, they've a regular routine for their intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth. That’s one positive illustration of responding to a grueling situation. 

 Now have a look at the other member which is one of the crucial stake holders of education system-the parent. There are a large number of conscientious parents who understand their responsibility towards the education of their children and its service providers-the seminaries. And they earn to be saluted too for fulfilling their moral, social and fiscal liabilities as good citizens of civil society. But there are numerous who are taking advantage of the situation and flinching down from their responsibility. They only see their rights at the time of extremity and not their duties. There may be genuine cases where the parents really can not go to pay the academy figure at this time. But are all those not coming forward to pay academy figure in that order? Have they approached the seminaries to partake their genuine difficulty and been denied? Are they not simply failing the society and their duties towards it? Can civil society run with similar unstable approach? 


 I happed to be in the center of a debate on the content of seminaries versus parents on a live streaming platform. It's egregious that such a forum plays on popular sentiment which in the present script seems to beanti-establishment. And social media platforms aren't the most suitable spots for truly balanced and deep exchanges. Still they do give some perceptivity on the common trends. Covid 19 epidemic seems to have unleashed a complaint both in studies and action rather than soul-searching, reflection and discipline which are so essential to drift over any delicate situation. People want to mileage the stylish services during this time but do n’t want to contribute to their food. Refusing to pay freights to educational institutions is like awaiting all service providers, public or private, manufacturing or retail to give free service. Can any sector run for long in this way? Indeed the governments need to stretch citizens to give weal measures. Imagine a situation where all the merchandisers are anticipated to make available their goods in stylish quality every day for guests, who pick and choose as they please but leave without paying the bill and anticipate the seller to replenish the stocks every day with a smile. Not only that, if the seller prayers to the guests to clear their bills, they get abuses, pitfalls and lectures on morality. Have you ever seen a service running like that? How can we anticipate such a service from seminaries also? 

That may be true for a member of society and understandably so, since everyone can not be anticipated to maintain a rational study during perturbed conditions and suppose beyond tone. But there are exemplifications like lamp lights indeed during similar dark times which give stopgap and faith in the virtuousness of humanity. Similar exemplifications motivate you to continue serving the humanity selflessly without being dissuaded by lapses and review. I would like to partake one similar illustration which can give strength to numerous whose faith may be shaking in mortal adaptability and virtuousness. Mrs. and Mr. Jain lost their children in a auto accident many times agone. It was a heart breaking tragedy so grave to sink a family into despair for life. Both the children were gems in every way. Well brought up, regardful, intelligent, enthusiastic, and biddable, in short the kind of children every parent would be proud of. The academy was proud of them too since they were ideal scholars bringing laurels to the academy with their feats. The noble parents rising above their particular grief decided to immortalize the memory of the children by starting a education in the name of each one worth fifty thousand rupees. They left it entirely on the academy to elect the donors. In the last two times the academy diligently named befitting images of the award and gave away the literacy to them. 


 This time because of the query caused by lockdown needed by Covid 19 epidemic, we didn't approach the Jains for the literacy, assuming that since all profitable conditioning are affected, they may not be in a position to spare such a large quantum. But many days back I entered a call fromMr. Jain participating that he wanted to hand over the cheques of education to the academy. This levy gesture from Jains came as fresh breath in else bleak script where regular mortal and social structures are worsening under pressure. These are exemplifications to be stressed particularly at similar times. Adversity and challenges bring out the true character of people. We shouldn't forget that all times aren't same. Everything passes. We shouldn't duck mortal virtuousness and grace in delicate times and keep faith.